Recuerdo de los Remedios (Souvenir of Los Remedios)

Bosque Nacional de Los Remedios Morelos Bosque de Los Remedios 53400 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx. Mexico
Tempera on masonite
46.5 x 72 cm
Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City, 28795 © D.R. Museo Nacional de Arte/Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, 2014
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A depiction of the landscape north of Mexico City dominated by the Los Remedios aqueduct, Recuerdo de los Remedios is painted in a deliberately realist style. An architect and professor of engineering, O’Gorman’s work combines the visual precision of a draftsman with a visual language that draws on art historical tropes, symbols of national identity, and contemporary concerns. The volcano and the agricultural landscape on the plateau around Mexico City recall other representations of national culture, while the colonial aqueduct references both Mexico’s history as a colony of Spain and period concern over water shortages. As an ecological critique, Recuerdo de los Remedios draws attention to the erosion and destruction of the landscape that accompanied the explosive growth of Mexico City in the twentieth century.